The first time when I picked up my camera to shoot a wedding, I just fell in love with such a beautiful and emotional life event. Not only attracted by the lovely couple, but also by those touching moments full of love, laugh, tear, and sweaty party heat! 

I enjoy my passionated career with the belief that I do more than just capture moments. I craft stories with my images, creating a sense of perceivable narrative. Some might not be the most beautiful moments of your day, but it could be the most precious 1/1000 second of your life. 

However, none of these narratives would be possible if not for the relationships I forge with you. Friendly, patient,  respectful, and responsible, I’m always there to understand their needs, and to provide an enjoyable experience. In this way, I can better know you, and ensure that YOUR story is tailored to YOUR tastes and personalities.

I'm not your everyday photographer but I'll be the one to capture those memory that you'll enjoy for the rest of your life!

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